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What is Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration?
Ascent was created out of an innate belief that the human body was designed to self-regulate and heal, given proper support and exposure to elements it may be lacking and unable to obtain in today’s world. Over the last decade, we have become THE industry leader of utilizing regenerative technologies to optimize human performance on a cellular level. We incorporate PROVEN, cutting-edge modalities to accomplish self-healing, performance and longevity. In business since 2010… Long before terms like “Biohacking” were in the dictionary, we began carving out a path through this unrecognized ideology.  Our concept initiated from the personal struggles and necessity of our founder, Heather Hiniker. After reversing her own debilitating auto-immune diagnosis, it was through Heather’s experience and revelations that she found her higher purpose. 
Fast forward to today: We could not be more elated about the major paradigm shift in the direction of health-care. The fact that people are taking ownership of their own minds, bodies and well-being is the exact reason we exist. We believe it to be our obligation to our clients to offer unsurpassed, proven technologies in every sector. We take great pride and time in researching each methodology that we bring into our protocol offering and commit to staying ahead of the curve with continuous evolution. This being said, it’s not solely about having the BEST, latest and greatest technologies. It’s having the understanding that each individual is dealing with something different on a physiological level. The knowledge of how to administer the technologies in the correct order and at the appropriate intensity. It’s not about throwing every tool in the shed at the task at hand, but listening to each client goals and integrating the most effective modality in the time frame needed. It’s through constant communication and evaluation on a cellular level that we are able to quantify progression. This only comes with experience and having a team that truly cares and loves what they stand for. We are here to educate and share our passion. We have not for a moment strayed from our focus of regenerative disruptive-bio-technologies and promise to dedicate ourselves to it’s progression. 


reGenDen Digital Marketing

reGenDen Digital focuses on improving your online visibility in local searches with our powerful platform, managing your online listings, reviews, and social marketing. We know how busy running a business is, and we are here to offer real solutions. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or no team at all, we offer services that can fill in the gaps. reGenDen Digital will partner with you so you can stay focused on your core-competency: running and growing your business. reGenDen Digital offers the following:

  • Reputation Management
  • Social Marketing
  • Listing Distribution
  • Presence Builder
  • Web Development
  • Advertising Management
  • Review Management
  • Brand Analytics

Vision and Values:
reGenDen’s Vision is to provide essential software tools for businesses to manage their brand and transform customers into raving fans. Our key goal is to be the number one provider of essential brand management products, and we aim to achieve that vision by relying on our four core values: Drive, Innovation, Respect and Agility.

Our Competitive Advantage Is Threefold

  1. Experience: Having been around since the start of reputation management, our leadership team and developers are veterans in this emerging industry.
  2. Affordability: Our tiered pricing schedules encourage large scaling at a fraction of what our competitors cost.
  3. Unparalleled Support: Personalized training, ready-to-use sales materials, and access to our frequently updated support center are always available.

Graypoint Construction Inc.

Innovation. Design. Fulfillment.

Helping homeowners and business owners make cutting edge improvements to their space of choice

  • 20,000+ Completed Projects
  • 482 # of Cities Serviced
  • 75+ Experienced Workers
  • 4.6 Google Ratings

Pro Services

Rose Romo has been in the construction finance industry for 32 years assisting her clients in business, personal and property financing. Rose and her team have over 70 different programs to offer anyone who should require financing.

Pro Services is our Flagship reGenDen Partner with her own (business-in-a-box) ReGenDen. She is readily available to assist you in your reGenDen financing needs. Additionally, Pro Services has added Grant writing for businesses with under 100 employees to their service menu for the purpose of obtaining Grants for reGenDen via “The Affordable Healthcare Act”of 2010. reGenDen-Pro Services is now open and welcomes individuals and business to tour their custom Chic designed reGenDen.


Electroceutical Protocol that can be used at home or office to assist the doctor’s orders of self care

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